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Crisis in Cyprus! Jobless rate of over 18% ? The EWTO CYPRUS is recruiting!

An occupation with a substantial future: teach people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life to fully develop their potential and realise their strength – this will make them more self-confident and create positivity, helping to develop their sense of purpose and focus.

Become a:

  • WingTsun-Instructor
  • Kids WingTsun Instructor
  • Chi Kung Instructor
  • Escrima Instructor
  • Blitz Combat Instructor
  • Instructor for Violence Prevention

at the EWTO CYPRUS Martial Art Academy!

Becoming an instructor will make you more independent – something many crave for the most. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy financial and social success – a dream which many young (or young at heart) individuals can only fantasize about, but one which you can achieve through some effort.

We have created a profession which offers all of these advantages as well as a solid, marketable and future-orientated foundation, based on more than 35 years of experience in Europe and beyond. This profession is one of an EWTO Instructor.

We create and build on self-confidence!

Self-confidence is undoubtedly a mental and emotional state. People who are aware of their capabilities, their knowledge and their natural strengths are able to face others without shyness and reservations.

However, the development of this self-confidence is often blocked by inherited ‘pre-evolutionary’ behaviour; one’s safety from violet attacks and aggressiveness is still connected to the laws of the alphas. In other words, one has to be big and strong in order to move freely without fear of being attacked. But what about those who are more delicately built and the non-athletic? What about women who have to think twice before going out at night? And what about children who are bullied and afraid to go to school, or are even abused?

How would you feel about helping these potentially vulnerable groups re-conquer the perspective to assert themselves against any verbal or physical attack?

As an EWTO Instructor you will become a professional expert recognised as a reliable self-defence authority by the general public and those who are experts in other martial arts disciplines. This is a worthy career choice for any active and committed person wishing to see an end to violence in our society.

For more information on becoming an EWTO instructor, please request a copy of our information brochure.