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Terms & Conditions

Last updated 25 August 2017

These Terms & Conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to all our services, including those made available online, through any computer, mobile phone or other device.
Accessing οur website and viewing our services and products does not require any registration. If you wish to try our classes, you may do so by contacting the EWTO Cyprus School Administrator. Following this try-out, if you wish to reserve and attend any classes or to buy any products you will need to become a Member.
Becoming a Member
You may become a Member of EWTO by completing and delivering to EWTO Cyprus an Enrollment Form. EWTO Cyprus will then process the Form. Your Enrollment Form is accepted at the sole discretion of EWTO Cyprus. If the Enrollment From is accepted, EWTO Cyprus will provide you with an EWTO ID, upon which you will be deemed a Member of the EWTO. Enrollment Forms may be found at the premises of EWTO Cyprus.
The below terms and conditions apply to all Members of EWTO Cyprus.
• Account and Password

1. Members may receive access to an online personal account. The account may be accessed via the «Member Login» link on the EWTO Cyprus website, or by downloading the relevant mobile application.

2. To open, access and use the account and/or the mobile application Members must accept and at all times comply with the terms and conditions offered by Zen Planner LLC for use of their portal.

3. Members are responsible for keeping the username and password of their account confidential. Members should change their password regularly to ensure greater security.

4. Members are responsible for their account, whether or not they authorized the use of it. EWTO Cyprus is not responsible for any unauthorized access, stolen or hacked passwords.

5. Members may review and update their personal information on their account.

6. Members may make payments of fees to EWTO Cyprus through their account.

7. Member’s accounts’ will save the Member’s payments history, so the Member will be able to review and check his/her payments made.

8. EWTO Cyprus reserves the right to terminate and close any account or remove or edit content if a Member is in breach of any applicable laws or regulations, these Terms & Conditions or any other applicable guidelines or policies issued by EWTO.
The following apply to adult Members only:
9. Members may reserve their places at classes and events of EWTO Cyprus on the calendar in their account.

10. Member’s accounts’ will save the Member’s reservations, so the Member will be able to review and check his/her attendances to classes and/or events.

• Payment

1. Fees for attending training sessions

1.1 Members of EWTO Cyprus must pay:
the annual membership fee;
the annual administration fee (applicable to kids only);
the school fees (to reserve and attend classes – these differ depending on which classes the Member has registered for, how many times a week the Member intends to attend classes, whether the Member has other family members enrolled as Members, and the payment option of the Member);
as these may be agreed from time to time between the Member and EWTO Cyprus upon registration or subsequently in writing or orally.
The standard fees applicable may be requested from the EWTO Cyprus premises.
1.2 Members that have been instructed that they are eligible to take exams and wishing to take the exams must pay the exam fees (applicable to adult grades only). The exam fees differ depending on the student grade level being examined.

EWTO Cyprus does not in any way guarantee that a Member that has paid his/her exam fees shall obtain the following student grade level certificate and badge. The pass of the Member to the following student grade level is at the absolute discretion of the examiner each time.

The exam fees applicable to the different student grade levels can be requested from the EWTO Cyprus premises.

1.3 EWTO Cyprus may at its discretion offer at any time to all or any number of its Members events, seminars and additional training opportunities (including, but not limited to, Easter Camp for Kids, Hell Week, Summer Camp, Summer School for Kids, additional intensive training sessions etc.).

The fees each time will be those circulated with the announcement regarding the event. Such announcement may be found in the Members’ online personal account and/or on the EWTO Cyprus website and/or on the notice board(s) at the premises of EWTO Cyprus and/or in leaflets circulated to the Members, or otherwise, at the discretion of EWTO Cyprus each time.

If a Member has declared attendance to an event, fees are due and payable for that event regardless of Member’s absence for any reason, whether for the entire event or any part.

1.4 All fees are payable in advance of the class or period or event to which they relate. Exam fees are payable in advance of the class and/or event that the Member shall attend and be examined at.

1.5 All fees are inclusive of legally applicable VAT, according to the current VAT legislation.

1.6 Fees can be changed at any time without any notice. Members will pay the fees that apply at the time that payment is made.

2. Purchase of Uniform and Accessories

2.1 Members may purchase official EWTO uniforms and accessories from the EWTO store through EWTO Cyprus. The items may be viewed on the EWTO Cyprus website by following the link «Μy Profile > Shop Online».

2.2 EWTO Cyprus offers those items that to the best of its knowledge are available from the EWTO store. EWTO Cyprus makes no representations regarding availability or continued availability of items. All offers are valid until stock lasts.

2.3 Members are bound by the terms and conditions of the EWTO store regarding any items ordered from the EWTO store through EWTO Cyprus.

EWTO Cyprus recommends that Members verify the EWTO store’s terms and conditions, since EWTO Cyprus shall under no circumstances be deemed liable for the products supplied by the EWTO store.

2.4 To place an order the Member may follow the «Buy Now» link in respect of the desired item, the Member may then choose to «CheckOut» or «Continue Shopping». The purchase price is payable in full upon CheckOut.

2.5 EWTO Cyprus may not process orders when these are incomplete or incorrect or the items are no longer available.

2.6 As the order is processed, EWTO Cyprus will inform the Member by e-mail, text message or by phone if any items in the order turn out to be unavailable and EWTO Cyprus shall refund any amount paid for those items by the Member.

2.7 From the moment that the Member places an order, EWTO Cyprus acts solely as an intermediary between the Member and the EWTO store.

2.7.1 In the event that EWTO Cyprus has stock of any of the items placed in the order, it will deliver from its own stock to the Member.

2.7.2 Alternatively, EWTO shall transmit the details of the order to the EWTO store, notify the Member of the status of his/her order and receive the order on behalf of the Member.

In this case, the order may either: be transmitted when EWTO Cyprus places its bulk order from the EWTO store, which it does from time to time at its discretion, or be transmitted by EWTO Cyprus immediately upon receiving such instruction from the Member, in the event that the Member does not wish to wait for the bulk order to be placed. In this case the Member will be burdened with all shipping costs.

EWTO Cyprus may use any international or national courier or postage or shipping service at its discretion.

2.8 Member’s orders may be picked-up from any EWTO Cyprus premises or delivered to a shipping address.

2.8.1 If the Member chooses to pick up his/her items from the EWTO Cyprus premises by selecting «In Store Pick Up», he/she will not be burdened with delivery costs.

2.8.2 If the Member includes a shipping address in his/her order, EWTO Cyprus shall send the items to the shipping address, and the Member will be charged with the delivery costs upon delivery / pick-up.
For the purpose of delivery, EWTO Cyprus may use any courier service at its discretion.
2.9 EWTO Cyprus bears no responsibility regarding order or delivery delays. Delivery estimates are not guaranteed delivery times and should not be relied upon as such. EWTO shall not be held responsible for the consequences of a late delivery or the loss of a package or damaged items or an unforeseen event or any reason beyond its control.

2.10 All prices are inclusive of legally applicable VAT, according to the current VAT legislation and exclusive of any shipping or delivery costs.

2.11 Items and prices listed on the website can be changed at any time without any notice. Members will pay the prices that apply at the time that payment is made.

3. Payment process

3.1 Payments may be made

3.1.1 using ZenPlanner (which integrates Paysafe -the Paysafe Group plc electronic payment system), either: through the Member’s account, where payment regards fees, by following the links «Show Bills & Payments > Pay My Bills», or where the payment regards purchases, by following the «Checkout > Pay Now > Complete My Order» links on the EWTO Cyprus online store, If the Member prefers, the EWTO Cyprus School Administrator may hold the card details of the Member, and insert these details and process the payment via Autopay through PaySafe,

in this case the Member and EWTO Cyprus School Administrator shall agree in advance the amount, the date and the frequency that the card shall be charged,

the EWTO Cyprus School Administrator may arrange that an automated email notice is sent to the Member that their card will be charged, at least one week before proceeding with the processing of the payment each time, or as otherwise may be agreed,

3.1.2 by credit card at the EWTO Cyprus premises, or

3.1.3 by cash to an EWTO instructor.

3.2 Receipt:

3.2.1 Upon electronic payment via ZenPlanner, the Member must follow the online procedure for successful payment. A receipt will be sent to the Member by electronic mail.

3.2.2 Upon payment made at the EWTO Cyprus premises or to an EWTO instructor, the instructor shall provide you with a valid EWTO receipt.

3.3 Where shipping costs are applicable, these include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Any import duties and taxes, fees and additional charges levied on products for customs clearance are also the responsibility of the Member.

3.3.1 In the event that EWTO Cyprus pays the shipping costs, EWTO Cyprus will inform the Member of the shipping costs attributed to the items purchased on behalf of the Member and the Member is obliged to reimburse EWTO Cyprus these expenses prior to delivery of the items, alternatively

3.3.2 these expenses shall be paid by the Member directly to the courier service upon receipt of the package.

3.4 Where delivery costs are applicable, these shall be paid by the Member to the courier service directly upon receipt of the package.

4. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

4.1 By completing a payment to EWTO Cyprus the Member unconditionally acknowledges and agrees that he/she has read, understood and accepts and undertakes to observe the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.

• Cancellation of membership and Refund policy regarding fees

5. A Member may cancel and/or terminate his/her enrolment from any EWTO Cyprus School and/or membership from the EWTO Organisation as specified in the Enrolment Form.

6. EWTO Cyprus may cancel the enrolment of any Member and/or terminate the membership of any Member at any time for any reason, including any default. EWTO Cyprus may, at its sole discretion, instead of canceling the enrolment or terminating the membership, grant any extension of time to a Member to comply with the default and/or not allow the Member to attend any classes and/or any events and/or exams until the default is remedied.

Failure of EWTO Cyprus to exercise any of its above rights does not mean waiver of these rights.

Default in this case includes, but is not limited to, non-payment of any fees and non-compliance with the code of conduct for EWTO Martial Arts Schools.

7. The annual membership fees, annual administration fees and school fees are not refundable under any circumstance.

8. The exam fees and event fees are refundable only if these events are cancelled by EWTO Cyprus at any time prior to the event for any reason.

• Refund and cancellation policy regarding purchases
9. In the event that the items ordered by the Member are in stock at the EWTO Cyprus premises, or are included in a bulk order placed by EWTO Cyprus to the EWTO store, the Member may cancel his/her order for purchase of those items, at any time prior to receiving the items, by sending a cancellation notice to, provided that if the Member has selected to receive the order to a shipping address, EWTO Cyprus has not yet sent the order by courier to the Member.

10. In the event that the Member has requested EWTO Cyprus to place the order to the EWTO store independently of a bulk order, the Member may cancel his/her order for purchase of those items at any time prior to the transmission of the order by EWTO Cyprus to the EWTO store.

11. A Member may return an order purchased within 14 days of receipt with full refund of the purchase price. Requests for refunds or cancellations must be sent to and the product delivered to EWTO Cyprus premises. EWTO Cyprus reserves the right not to accept a Member’s request for return or refund, if the reason for the complaint is deemed unreasonable.

Items returned must be in their original packaging and condition, complete and unused. The Member will be liable for any decrease in the value of products purchased resulting from any use of the products other than that which is necessary to verify their features, characteristic, nature and functionality. EWTO Cyprus has the right not to accept returned products or not to fully refund the amounts paid for purchased products that are returned without the corresponding packaging or that have been altered from their original status or damaged.

12. In the event of cancellation or return, EWTO Cyprus may refund the purchase price to the Member, however, shipping and delivery costs, if applicable, are not refundable under any circumstance.

• Limitation of Liability

13. EWTO Cyprus can not be held liable for any use, inability to use, delay, errors, interruptions (whether due to any temporary and/or partial breakdown, repair, upgrade or maintenance) of the platform and/or software and/or apps relating to the personal account of the Members and/or the payment system or any non-delivery of information on these or for any loss, disruption or damage to a Members data or system which may occur or any other event beyond EWTO Cyprus’ control.

14. EWTO Cyprus can not be held liable for any destruction or loss, including accidental, of data.

15. While EWTO Cyprus to the best of its knowledge ensures that information and materials provided on its website are accurate, no guarantees for the accuracy, completeness, correctness or reliability are made and all information is provided for information purposes only.

EWTO’s website and material relating to information, products and services (or to third party information, products and services), is provided ‘as is’. It is provided without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied.
The Member acknowledges that EWTO Cyprus is not the manufacturer of the items and can not verify that the items are of satisfactory quality, fit for their purpose, free from any infringements or compatible with their use. The Member is encouraged to always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the items before use, as actual packaging and materials may contain more and different information to that displayed on the website. Colours of actual items may also differ from the images on the website.
16. EWTO Cyprus does not guarantee that its website will operate continuously, without any interruptions and errors.

• Consumer privacy policy

17. Members’ personal data is collected and saved for process and use by EWTO Cyprus. Any refusal to provide EWTO Cyprus with required data may render it impossible for EWTO Cyprus to pursue the main purpose of that collection: such refusal could, for example, make it impossible for EWTO Cyprus to complete the registration process or to provide any items the Member wishes to purchase.

Personal data of minors is collected and processed only with the consent of the parents or legal guardians.

18. Some of the reasons EWTO Cyprus collects personal data of Members is:

 to administer Members attendance to classes and events,
 to administer Members account,
 to provide the Member with a more personalized and customized service,
 to notify Members regarding classes and events and any changes thereto and other EWTO news,
 to process payments,
 to process orders and deliveries, send notices about order and delivery status,
 for problem solving, evaluation, optimization and improvement of the services and products EWTO Cyprus offers to its Members and the conveyance of communication between EWTO Cyprus and its Members, and
 to meet and maintain the standards and obligations of the EWTO Organisation.

19. EWTO Cyprus observes reasonable security procedures and technical and physical restrictions to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data and to protect, safeguard and prevent unauthorized access, unapproved processing and the misuse or disclosure of personal data.

Only authorized personnel are permitted to access personal data in the course of their work.

When transferring sensitive personal data (for example, credit card information) over the Internet, by EWTO Cyprus, via Autopay services, this is protected using encryption technology.

20. However, while EWTO Cyprus strives to protect Members’ personal data, it can not ensure the security of the information transmitted or managed by the Member. EWTO Cyprus recommends that the Member takes every precaution in protecting their personal data when on the internet against risk of access without consent or dissemination of data by devices belonging to the Member.

21. Personal data is exchanged internally within EWTO Cyprus.

EWTO Cyprus may share personal data with the EWTO Cyprus School Administrator for the purpose of data processing and storage. The EWTO Cyprus School Administrator does not count as a third party for the purposes of the law.

EWTO Cyprus will never share personal data with any third party, apart for the parties involved to manage accounts, process payments and deliver orders, such as:

 EWTO Cyprus will input the necessary data to set up the Member’s personal online account, which shall be subject to the privacy policy of Zen Planner. The Member will manage his/her account and personal data.

 In the event that the Member has provided a shipping address for delivery of items, EWTO Cyprus will share any personal data required by the shipping and/or courier service in order to ship and/or deliver the items to the Member.

 With the consent of the Member, if the Member wishes to participate at an EWTO event abroad, any personal data required for registration to such event may be transmitted by EWTO Cyprus to the relevant EWTO licensed organisation.

EWTO Cyprus may disclose such personal data or related information as may be required by law or court order or competent authority. EWTO Cyprus may also share personal data or additional available information in order to facilitate the investigation, prevent or take action against suspected illegal activities or situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person.

22. The accuracy, genuineness, relevance and completeness of the personal data disclosed to EWTO Cyprus by the Members is the Members’ sole responsibility.

The Members have the right to obtain, overview, amend, delete or provide any objections related to their personal data, either through their online account or by contacting the EWTO Cyprus School Administrator.

23. EWTO Cyprus will not retain Member’s personal information longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws and regulations.

24. Subscriptions to the website articles posted may be managed through the website. Members may unsubscribe by sending an email to

25. The EWTO Cyprus website may provide links to other third-party websites which are outside the control of EWTO Cyprus and not covered by this policy (e.g. Paysafe, Zen Planner). Members are encouraged to review the privacy policies posted on these sites.

26. EWTO Cyprus’ social media platforms such as facebook and twitter are public. Members must consider this before posting material to these.

• Minors

27. In the event that the Member is a minor, these Terms & Conditions apply to the parent/guardian acting on behalf of that Member. His/Her parent/guardian will be the person to receive access to the account of the Member, and will have the above obligations and rights on behalf of the Member.

• Intellectual Property Rights

28. All content and material on the EWTO Cyprus website or any social media platform or provided by EWTO Cyprus in hard copy is owned by EWTO Cyprus or is duly licensed to EWTO Cyprus and is protected by copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents, business name or other proprietary rights and laws.

• Amendments and updates

29. EWTO Cyprus reserves the right to change or update these Terms & Conditions from time to time. Any amended version will be posted on this page and be effective from the date of publication on the website.

• Governing Law

30. These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and the Member submits to the jurisdiction of the Cyprus courts.