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What is Escrima?

The roots of Newman-Escrima (in a nutshell)

Newman-Escrima is a dynamic, straight-forward, and rather new weapon system, originating in 1974 when GM Bill Newman started his training in this style. Its roots are solely based in Stockton/USA and London/England.

Newman-Escrima is a highly sophisticated but yet simple martial art focussing on plain physical laws and economical movements. Only realistic and applicable techniques and principles are trained and taught. We like to keep things simple and straight-forward. We prefer simplicity and effectiveness over complex and acrobatic falderal.

How do we teach Escrima?

What does it offer for you?

As a trained Escrimador you defend yourself in a special manner. You apply “protective counter strikes” on your opponent. That way you force your system onto him in order to gain control over him. You are using your whole body as a weapon and you are able to turn everyday thingies into weapons as well. From such everyday things to sticks, from mediaeval two-handed swords to glaives and many more, Newman-Escrima is offering you a vast variety of objects that can be used to protect yourself (or simply have fun with it).

What the heck are “everyday things”?

Any kind of object you can pick up with your bare hands, for example:

  • some car keys
  • a ball pen
  • a lipstick (yes, ladies!)
  • a pocket lighter
  • a shoe
  • your handbag (got it, ladies?)
  • a cane / walking stick
  • the newspaper (properly folded it’s very similar to a baton),
  • just to name a few.

What else does Escrima offer you?

Strategic learning will boost your self-esteem. In many crititical situations it has been proven very helpful to have a solid and confident self-esteem in order to de-escalate situations and to scotch fights and physical arguments. But if bad comes to worse, you will be prepared for the things to come, thanks to the physical and mental training we provide. Anyone can learn Escrima, regardeless of your current fitness and physique. You don’t need “the acrobat’s gene” to learn this martial art. All you need to bring along is the desire to learn something new.

Who can learn Escrima?

Self-defence is an attitude…!

Knowing that about 95% of all physical conflicts will be resolved by mental attitude before they even start, forms the basis for our training and class schedule. Besides teaching the plain techniques, great emphasis is also put on augmenting a student’s mental resilience. Learning how to deal with stress in violent situations will also teach you how to deal with stress in general situations (e.g. your private life, your job, your hobbies, etc.) in order to prevent overreacting. Needless to mention that at the end of the day your physique and level of fitness will also increase and give you an overall more confident feeling about yourself and your body.