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WingTsun for Women

WingTsun – a Peaceful meditation transformed into powerful Self-Defence!

Did you know that WingTsun was created to overcome someone who is stronger than you?

WingTsun Facts:

•Created 300 years ago (by a woman in China) the idea remains the same: an intelligent system beats brute force!
•WingTsun is not about performing “beautiful’ techniques – effectiveness is most important.
•WingTsun is Self-Defence in its purest form.
•WingTsun puts you in control!

A complete self-defence system which:

• Starts with increased awareness and confidence.
• Provides easy ways to set and protect your borders.
• Teaches realistic WingTsun Self-Defence techniques as a ‘last resort’ back-up.

What will you learn?

  • As a WingTsun student, you will learn optimal use of your body to defend yourself against stronger opponents
  • You will also learn how to relax in conflict situations and use the power of an attack against the attacker.
  • Stress release through training will provide further health benefits.

To Listen to Your Intuition.

Many people don’t know about their inbuilt warning system, which warns them of potential dangerous situations: Intuition. All too often a conservative upbringing may stop one from being “impolite” in uncomfortable situations. WingTsun teaches, however, that intuition should always be trusted. It is the perfect adviser and the perfect frontline defence against danger.

Being “switched on” to your surroundings and being aware of your situation is one of the most important factors for your personal safety. WingTsun will teach you simple techniques of awareness and avoidance. With an increased awareness and confidence, your sense of security will automatically increase also.

To set & Protect Your Borders.

There is a lot more to Self-Defence than simply avoiding physical conflict. Self-Defence means personal defence in all situations, including so-called “harmless”, everyday situations.

By setting your borders you make it much more likely to never get into a Self-Defence or even “uncomfortable” situation in the first place. And you will also learn a surprisingly simple way to protect your borders if need be.

How to have a great workout

Many of our students see the womens Self-Defence more as an added benefit -they just want to get a good, interesting workout. At the same time you train reflexes and reaction times, learn to relax and improve your health and co-ordination.


Originally created for police special forces in Germany, BlitzDefence for women is a matter of tuning into the senses. If the senses send danger warnings, the next step of the concept follows automatically: Direct speech and body language are used to dissolve the problem at the outset. Only when those measures don’t help are WingTsun techniques used to end the conflict swiftly and efficiently.

Styles that involve power become useless to women when they’re pitted against bigger, stronger men. WingTsun was designed to overcome a physically stronger person and will teach you how to disable your attacker without the use of strength.

How WingTsun Womens Self-Defence Differs?

The techniques for men and women Self-Defence are exactly the same. The mental approach and the assertiveness taught on Womens Self-Defence Classes however is what’s different for women. Where men need to back down and not show aggressiveness and force, women need to become more assertive so they are not perceived as victims by an attacker.

This is a psychological approach that is geared to minimizing the chances of an attack ever eventuating, as in most cases the attacker will back off when they realize the woman is not the easiest of targets they would normally expect. WingTsun Self-Defence will help women not to become a victim.

So why not get in touch today and become part of the EWTO Cyprus family and begin your martial arts journey. You will find it changes aspects of your life you wouldn’t think possible.

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