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A 10th Dan in Hapkido and bodyguard

Over the many years I have spent learning various martial arts, I have always been primarily concerned with their practical effectiveness in daily life. When I got to know the martial art of WT, I knew I had finally found a realistic self-defence method that gave me more security than anything before.
As head of a security company specialising in building and event security as well as personal protection, I have found that physical confrontations are unfortunately becoming more commonplace. I have also found that while technical and fighting skills decide the issue on the scene, the legal repercussions are often unfavourable to the victor.
The BlitzDefence strategy gives my employees, students and myself a guideline that enables us to resolve conflicts in a way that can be justified under the critical gaze of the justice system.
With BlitzDefence, Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht has developed a strategy that is immensely helpful in stressful situations, plus a good source of information in the form of his books. In my company the book “BlitzDefence – Attack is the best Defence” is required reading during our training.
One year ago I introduced BlitzDefence to the police in Bolivia, who showed great interest. I am a visiting professor in the Department of Security and Secretarial Services at the University of Susan in Korea, where I will also be introducing this strategy.
BlitzDefence enables us to respond intelligently to dangerous situations.

Josef Schoop
10th Dan Hapkido, 7th Dan Hosindo
Visiting professor for Security at Hanseo University in Susan, South Korea