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What is WingTsun?

WingTsun is probably the most scientific and logical expression of martial arts. An air of finesse and geometric movements are the physical translation and expression of WingTsun. WingTsun recycles 100 per cent of the force of an attack against us back onto the opponent, but this doesn’t mean that it requires the practitioner to be physically strong.

WingTsun is logical. It uses all physical and geometric possibilities of the body to deflect and redirect the impinging force of an attack, so it is possible for physically weaker people to defend themselves effectively against a stronger attacker.

Globally acknowledged and used by many Special Forces in Europe and the USA along with 60,000 students of the EWTO, it is the most effective form of realistic self-defence.

Even more importantly WingTsun is the art of avoiding violence which aims at physical and mental assertion against bullies!
It’s a tool which may safeguard you from the onset by making yourself less appealing to predators (verbally and physically) as subtle, nonverbal cues make the difference in whether you’re targeted or not.

For cases where the physical confrontation is unavoidable WingTsun prepares you for every possible phase in a real fight against one or more opponents where the “rule of fairness” does not exist: from kicks and punches, elbows and knees through to anti-grappling and ground-fighting with the least amount of movements, WingTsun offers you the whole plethora of solutions.

WingTsun means “Beautiful Spring” and carries the name of the founder of our system, which was developed by a woman for self-defence against physically stronger attackers some 300 years ago. From today’s perspective one would say: there is experience!

Although founded upon principles from 300 years ago, GM Kernspecht has developed a system that has evolved and has perfected itself to suit the needs of modern everyday life and that of the street.

Learn with us one of the most effective self-defence systems, which aims at physical and mental assertion against bigger, stronger and more athletic attackers in a realistic self-defence situation.