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Free Class Registration

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Women Self-Defense Crash Course

Train your Mindfulness – Gain Self-Confidence – Learn to resist force

You want to feel safe? In your city, at night, at work or anywhere else? In 3 hours on a weekend we will make you more self-confident – with our special course: Self-Defence for Women.

Learn in only 3 hours:

 Effective Strategies against sexual harassment
 Use hidden strengths given to you by nature
 Deal with Surprise Attacks
 Avoid being a victim & recognize violent situations early
 How to manage stress hormones and stay calm and focused

Every woman knows about daily situations in which she feels uncomfortable or even threatened – situations in which it is difficult to define your own borders and then also to protect those. We are helping you with our practical seminar and Mindfulness Training to rely on your “gut feeling” and to react appropriately. (see what the participants that already tried said about the course).

After this special class, you will feel at ease to clearly and distinctly give the right sign to anyone who approaches you either with your facial expression, your words or your determined actions. And this is not only related to physical assaults, but also to verbal allusions or “accidental” touches.

In many cases the encounters follow the same pattern. Our special class gives you answers, on how you can sharpen your radar to assess potentially dangerous and unpleasant situations and by doing so to choke off all potential attacks in their making.

Our realistically & streetwise taught “Special Class Women Self-Defence” was developed by following the latest research found by our EWTO WingTsun Grandmasters, Police Force & a team of Psychologists.

Course Description:
• Recognize violation of personally set borders and learn to protect them
• Develop an early warning system for delicate situations (gut feeling)
• Change your self-image from weak to strong
• Resolution of thinking barriers
• Demonstration of own physical strength
• Reduction of hitting-restraints (Full-body dummy utilization)
• Effective Self-Defence which works also under high stress-pressure

Admission & Information:
• Seminar Fees: 59 € – 3 hours crash course
• Physical requirements: none
• Coach: SiFu Alexander Olich, National Chief Instructor Cyprus
• Minimum Age: 16 years
• Our courses have minimum 8 participants and maximal 14
• Location: EWTO Headquarters Cyprus, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave 48, Limassol 4043

Evaluations – 100% Satisfaction!

“Now I feel confident to defend myself in dangerous situations.”
I really liked it that we trained simple, nearly natural movements so that we can react quickly in a hairy situation without having to remember specific locks or points.
Barbara W. 25.9.2019

“The Crash-Course fulfilled all expectations!”
The 3-hour seminar was very helpful, with many practical tips in order to be safer when moving alone. The coach and his assistant are professional and very well prepared. No difficulties on registration and admission. I can recommend this seminar to every woman!
Marina Z. 18.7.2019

“Highly Recommended!”
Easy to follow safety- guidelines, nothing complicated. The seminar sharpens the mindfulness and highlights strategies on how to avoid particular situations and how these situations can be choked-out in their making. Consequently, the own feeling of being safe increases dramatically. I highly recommend it to everyone. Of course with very skilled instructors.
Despina T. 23.10.2018

“Very Realistic!”
I found the course very diverse, interesting and with a high fun-factor! The self-defence tips were very easy to understand and implement with a very nice humour-elements of the instructors. In this way, I will be able to remember most of the learned things and apply them when I need them even in a few months from now.
Anastasia Y. 08.10.2016

“Crash Course with amazing Instructors!”
Very nice atmosphere. The right mix between theory and practice, is amazing advice. I can recommend the crash course to every woman. Since I feel much safer and will surely also visit the offered follow-up seminar.
Maria M. 28.8.2016