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Free Class Registration

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Kids WingTsun 6-12 y.o.

What parent wouldn’t like their child to be full of confidence, active in sports, balanced and well liked amongst their peers?

Children will be taught the following topics in our Kids WingTsun program:

• Strengthening of self-esteem
• Violence and its different forms (particularly the approach to adults)
• Acting in self defence and help in emergency / conflict resolution / communication situational exercises / role plays
• Theme games
• De-escalation training
• Group integration

At the same time we cover a range of self-defence and martial arts practises as well as falling and movement school, kick and strike training, defence techniques, and muscle and fitness workouts.

The aim: To help young people become upstanding and strong-minded individuals – who also have a lot of fun.

All in all: Children shall learn in a playful way to find their place in this world, bring confidence and be able to handle themselves in difficult situations.