Free Class Registration

Free Class Registration

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Teen WingTsun 13-15 y.o.

Are you aged between 13 and 15 years old?

Are you looking for a stimulating hobby that can help you in your daily life?

Do you think martial arts are cool?

Are you aware of Yip Man? He was learning and teaching WingTsun – you can too and

become a master of the moves we’ll show you. We can even show you how to overcome an attacker that is bigger and stronger than you.

Have you ever been bullied or harassed, or know someone that has? With WingTsun by your side, you are learning to defend yourself in all situations, whether they are physical or verbal.

Want to know what is really cool?

By training regularly, you can increase your power and let off some steam!
Take responsibility for yourself and learn to help others in need.
Come down and introduce yourself in our free trial training session – sign up for it now!