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How is Kids WingTsun taught?

The Kids-WingTsun curriculum is well structured, with content and programmes being given in small groups. Teaching methods are effective fun-infused and include circuit-training, reaction games and health exercises.

The Kids-WingTsun programme entails a unique teaching concept where children are tutored on an individual basis; this ensures continuous improvement and development of the child. Furthermore, numerous role-play exercises that are taken from everyday life are repeatedly used as part of the EWTO’s methodology.

The curriculum has a versatile structure where one can find the traditional and complex philosophy of WingTsun. This practice has been enriched with the latest insights of educational science, medicine and applied kinesiology. This curriculum is made up of games, exercises and competitions to suit children’s needs, the quality of which will be noted in the swift progress of their development.

Parents who enrol their children for Kids WingTsun quickly realise that their son or daughter will develop self-esteem whilst still remaining respectful to their fellow peers, teachers, friends and family.

Overall, the Kids WingTsun curriculum of movement is so complex that it can be matched with only a few other activities, if at all. Furthermore, its teachings and practices will accompany you for your entire life.

What is often overlooked when considering martial arts for children is the fact that Martial Art is not just about the physical reactions to the external environment – what is absolutely critical is the internal tempering that takes place in order to fully complement one’s ability to protect themselves physically – these make up the solid values WingTsun teaches to each of its students. This ensures that the techniques taught are not used for the wrong purposes.