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The EWTO specialises in ‘Realistic Self-Defence’ following the structure and philosophy of the WingTsun system, but with the added flair of western scientific methods.

Grandmaster Kernspecht and his team have developed a number of innovative teaching programmes which enable students to quickly grasp the concepts of WingTsun and understand the physical and psychological threats of a “ritual fight” as well as methods for self assertion and the prevention of violence.

Prof. Dr. Kernspecht’s dedication to apply western scientific methods to his beloved Martial Art and his thorough study of combat spans over 50 years and has been published in many of his books. Moreover, this dedication has brought him into contact with various universities in his quest to establish EWTO WingTsun as a fully recognised university course – the first of which were the State Universities of Sofia and Plovididv in Bulgaria in the 1990s. This collaboration began following a meeting between Prof. Dr. Kernsprecht and Prof. Dr. Margaritov – whom at the time was the leader of the Bulgarian National Olympic Team in wrestling. After applying WingTsun Principles taught by Grandmaster Kernspecht, the Bulgarian national team managed to win one Gold and two Bronze Medals at the Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta, USA.

The first Bachelor course was established through the close cooperation of Prof. Kernsprecht and Prof. Margaritov, as well as a number of Bulgarian professors. As a result, many students had the opportunity to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Education with a specialisation in Martial Arts over a period of four years. Following this was the introduction of a Master’s Degree in Sports Education with the specialisation in Martial Arts. Furthermore, in 2012 one of Prof. Kernsprecht’s Masters students, Dai-Sifu Oliver König, then 8th Mastergrad WingTsun and Chief Instructor for Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, successfully completed a PhD Degree, becoming the second person after Prof. Dr. Kernspecht to hold a Sports Education related PhD within the EWTO.

In 2012 the EWTO also began collaborating with the University of Derby-Buxton in the UK, where students can study pure Martial Arts on a Bachelor’s Degree level, eventually being awarded a BA in Martial Arts. These studies differ from those on offer in Bulgaria – those offered in the UK focus on pure Martial Arts and Combatology. The course is truly unique as it is the first fully-flagged university course dedicated solely to Martial Arts – a factor which even the Martial Arts scene is envious of us for!

This cooperation was spearheaded by the EWTO and Mr. Charles Spring, the leading lecturer at the University of Derby-Buxton, who is also a Karate Master, a WingTsun practitioner and is familiar with other Martial Arts and their application to real-life situations.

The course is being offered in English and is set out across three years. A Foundation Course (6-8 months) in Sports Coaching is available for those students who do not meet the full criteria to join BA in Martial Arts and following its successful completion, can be admitted into the full BA course.

For more information on Studying Martial Arts in Bulgaria or the UK with the EWTO, please contact us directly.