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How do we teach WingTsun

The EWTO Cyprus teaches personal development and acceptance of life’s challenges in its programs. Our programs are taught in groups but are focused on the individual whereby the skills of each person are encouraged and developed.

Our courses are all violence-free:

EWTO Instructors condone any form of violence. We teach pure self-defence!

All our courses are fun:

EWTO Instructors pass on their knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere based on trust and communication.

We focus on a unique, varied technique that one can learn by concentrating on the movements and becoming aware of one’s body in relation to them. This road eventually leads to mindful awareness.

The step-by step approach of our programs enhances the physical and mental flexibility and fosters one’s cognitive ability. Purposeful relaxation and concentration techniques as well as breathing exercises, which are meant to “refuel” your body supplement this method of learning.

The EWTO programs build on the existing potential of a new student. Neither muscle power nor stamina are required, but the readiness of getting to know your body and learning to discover your strengths and how to apply them is what counts. The learning of coordinated and healthy sequences of movement as well as a heightened awareness are the essence of these programs.

By learning WingTsun one develops a new appreciation of his own body and a new form of self-awareness. Through intensive training the students acquire more safety, become more sensitive to their real needs, learn to set their borders against undesired intruders and realize their full potential better.

This new form of self-consciousness and the physical awareness lead to a new sense of life. Personal limitations in daily life no longer have importance. Life becomes more vibrant and colourful.

WingTsun is pure self-defence, centred on its unique principles, which can be learned and implemented by practising it with high concentration and mindful awareness.

At the beginning of the practice, students are taught essential techniques and sequences to defend themselves in any kind of conflict situation.

In the beginning of your practice you will learn about the BlitzDefence Concept, which is based on the motto, “attack is the best defence”. This consists of an effective sequence of techniques that combine psychological and communicative methods, preparing you for typical conflict situations. Through this, the WingTsun concept of BlitzDefence remains by your side.

In the second year of study, the BlitzDefence concept takes on a more interactive role, yet incorporating the initial preventative approach taught in the first year. The difference is that the student focuses on the potential reaction of their aggressor and addresses what happens if one reaches their own limits, including meeting with a very skilled and experienced fighter or being taken by surprise. For this reason, increasing the skills of the individual becomes more important than pre-set techniques to prepare you for random attacks.

After a few years and more practice, the student develops into an expert who doesn’t have to attack preventatively anymore. Instead, they wait for the attack of their opponent and defeat them by recycling their own power against them. This is the advanced level of WingTsun.

Those who develop a passion for martial arts do not want to attack; instead they have a desire to defend themselves and move onto higher programs of learning.

WingTsun suits everyone from all levels and experience of martial arts, with effective results being seen within 6 to 12 months. Of course, there is continuous improvement when the student goes onto the next WingTsun concept.

WingTsun builds on the existing potential of every student and hones in on their ability to know their own body and learn about their strengths and how to apply them, thus increasing perception and self-awareness. This is reached through specific relaxation and concentration techniques, as well as breathing exercises. Through regular training the students achieve a higher level of safety. They begin to realize their strengths and their potential.