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Jiu-Jitsu – Ju-Jutsu

A 9th Dan in Jiu-Jitsu

In order to practice realistic self-defence (to the extent that practice is possible at all), it is necessary – as Keith R. Kernspecht did – to observe the perpetrators in their territorial behaviour, their motives and their aggressive potential – as well as in their warped moral sense.
A bout in the dojo is nothing compared to a fight in alien surroundings, which it is wise to leave when things become hopeless. Some don’t like hearing it, but this is generally known as “running away.

Klaus Härtel
9th Dan Jiu-Jitsu, 6th Dan Judo-Do, 4th Dan Judo, 1st Dan Karate
Chairman of the German Martial Arts Federation

A 4th Dan in Ju-Jutsu

Once I had become familiar with the basics of WT, a number of things became clear to me, for example the principle of the simultaneous defence and attack. This gains time for the defender which is not available to the attacker for his further actions, and automatically heightens the defender’s security. In WT the attacking and defending movements are reduced to their minimum and move along direct paths, which one more gains valuable time. There are no pauses between the individual techniques, therefore the attacker is confronted with a flowing sequence of defensive and attacking actions which are often also simultaneous.
By virtue of the above attributes, the WT system is a highly effective method of self-defence. Even at the basic level, there are absolutely no fancy moves. Moreover, the short-distance techniques used allow optimum self-defence in very confined spaces. What also amazes outsiders is that while moving only a few centimetres, the hand techniques develop high kinetic energy similar to that of e.g. a conventional punch.
After a certain time the special form of partner training develops a physical awareness of defending and attacking movements, all of which are carried out on the basis of reflexes. This means that defence and attack take place without the need for decision-making.

Joachim Albrecht
4th Dan Ju-Jutsu
Administrator for training and technology in Lower Saxony