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Royiros Michaelides

Sihing Royiros Michaelides, 1st Higher Grade WingTsun

Royiros Michaelides enrolled at the University of Thessaloniki in 2007, where he studied Electro Engineering. While studying, he discovered WingTsun and joined the EWTO Greece in 2008. For 5 years he was intensively learning from Sifu Tsikolas, the National Chief Instructor of Greece, in his Thessaloniki Academy. In 2013 upon his graduation from university and return to Nicosia, Sihing Royiros joined the EWTO Cyprus. He was one of the very first 3 students in Cyprus and has spent many hundreds of hours learning from Sifu Alexander Olich, the National Chief Instructor of Cyprus and Serbia. Sihing Royiros, who has vast experience in teaching in our schools in Nicosia, was awarded the 1st Higher Instructor’s Grade on 12th December 2015 and the 2nd Higher Instructor’s Grade in 2018.

In his WingTsun career so far Sihing Royiros has achieved

– 2nd Higher Grade in WingTsun

– 5th Student Grade in Escrima

– Leadership Courses 1&2

– Certified Kids WIngTsun Instructor

– Certified WingTsun Instructor

– Completed Train the Trainer program

– EFR First Aid & CPR Course