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Thomas Vassiliou

Thomas Vassiliou

Thomas Vassiliou, 11th Student Grade WingTsun

Sihing Thomas is a true teacher through and through! He is continuously learning, interested in the very detail, and has a natural gift for teaching himself. He loves transferring his knowledge to others – kids and adults, equally.

Being a father of three young children he has a hand for kids from the outset.

Sihing Thomas started his WingTsun Career in Greece in the year 2002, while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Athens. Initially a Boxer with street experience in self-defence he discovered WingTsun as the martial art with the most realistic approach for the street. Back in Cyprus he met Sifu Alexander Olich and became his private student.

Eventually, Sihing Thomas became a school-owner himself within the EWTO CYPRUS and runs our schools in Agios Dometios and Latsia, Nicosia where he teaches Kids form the age of four as well as teens and adults.


In his WingTsun career Sihing Thomas has achieved so far:

– 11th Student Grade in WingTsun

– Basic Leadership Course

– Certified Kids WingTsun Assistant Instructor

– Certified WingTsun Assistant Instructor