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Viktor Olich


Sihing Viktor Olich, 1st Higher Grade WingTsun

Viktor started learning as a child and completed the Kids WingTsun Program as a kid himself and then went through the Teens groups straight into the Adults Programs. So, he has experienced everything as a student that he is teaching today.

Viktor is a dedicated instructor who loves “his kids” and they love him back dearly. He is specialized in teaching our very young students – the Mini Kids Grades (4-6 years old), but also teaches older children, teens, and adults.

He recently passed his 1st Higher Instructor’s Grade (comparable to 1st Dan, Black Belt, in Japanese Martial Arts) with our Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Keith R. Kernspecht.

Sihing Viktor is multilingual and teaches in English, Greek, Russian and German. Here is what Viktor says about his WingTsun and his motivation:

“I am very grateful for what I learned from my father, my older brother and sister as well as from our Grandmasters of the EWTO, whose seminars I attended. My main goal when I am teaching is to make my students self-confident, physically, and mentally strong as well as teaching them realistic self-defence, which can be applied in their daily life!”

In his WingTsun career so far Sihing Viktor has achieved:

– 1st Higher Instructors Grade in WingTsun

– 2nd Student Grade in Escrima

– Basic Leadership Course

– Certified Kids WingTsun Assistant Instructor

– Certified WingTsun Assistant Instructor