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Free Class Registration

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Information to Members about the REOPENING of all EWTO Cyprus SCHOOLS SEPTEMBER 2020



Dear Members, Parents and Friends,

I am very happy to announce the reopening of all our schools for you, starting from the 1st September 2020, and my team and I are looking forward to train with you again after 169 days of closure due to the World-wide Corona Virus Pandemic! 

We are prepared for the reopening and ready to welcome you with a new teaching concept and an upgraded curriculum, which will allow us to reach together even better results in less time.

To protect all people that enter our schools we need to follow the regulations of the government on COVID-19 procedures.

All lessons are reduced from 60 minutes to 50 minutes to allow exchange of students, sufficient air ventilation, avoidance of too many people in one place and basic cleaning of the teaching room. The school has Antiseptic Dispensers in the different areas of the school. Children are kindly asked to come already dressed in uniforms, so that the changing rooms will not be used for the next few months. Only toilettes can be used on an individual basis. We will do hand disinfection a few times during the class.

There is no obligation to wear masks during our Kids WingTsun Classes, but if you as parents wish so, we will support it with your child. Our admin staff and parents waiting for their children will have to wear masks please.

Children 12 years and younger are exempt as per decree of the Ministry of Health from wearing masks. Further details you may find on posters hanging clearly visible on our schools’ walls and changes to policies may occur as the Covid-19 Situation changes and the government adjusts the safety measures. 


Further great news that we are overly excited about is the opening of our 2nd School in Limassol. As from 14th September 2020, we will open our doors for you in Germasogia, within the premises of MASTERLAND! Here we have our own two spacious teaching rooms and a wonderfully comfortable reception area. On the upper floor of the same building you have a fully flagged Restaurant and a Coffee Shop within the same building, convenient for all of you who must wait for your kids. The co-operation with MASTERLAND comes as the next step for us in our educational expansion. As you know we are not a martial sport school, but an educational institution that uses martial arts, next to elements of children psychology, pedagogy, ergotherapy, etc. that are all part of our Kids Wing Tsun  program, as tools to make our kids the best humans that they can be.

MASTERLAND is a well established educational institution for children itself, with a great concept that attracts kindergarten –  and schoolchildren from all over Cyprus on daily excursions, teaches the kids about different crafts, lessons for life, and is a perfect match for us in that direction. There are already future joint projects in the pipeline between our management teams. 


I am truly happy to inform you about our acquisition of the biggest brand for Violence Prevention in Russia, “STOP UGROZA”, that is highly successful in the Russian Federation. So now we have the most successful brand from the EWTO for western Europe and the most successful brand from the Russian Speaking Countries, which will highly benefit our children. We are now the Master Franchisees for the whole territory of Cyprus and will introduce various courses like “ Safety In the Internet”, “Be safe from the kidnapper”, “Safe girls” for girls age 13-17 years, “Stop Drugs!”, Moral WingTsun”, etc. Please also see

You can see that we used the “quarantine time” in the best possible way and fully upgraded our services so that your children can learn even better, safer and faster.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all when we open our doors as from 1st September and in our New School in MASTERLAND as from 14th September. Make sure you register a space for your child as soon as possible as classes may fill up quickly.

All classes are limited to a maximum number of 14 students!

To register please call SiJie Elena on 99237637 (RU) or SiHing Vladimir on 96807225 (ENG, GR)

I wish everyone a great start in the new School Year!

Sifu Alexander OlichNational Chief Instructor Cyprus