Free Class Registration

Free Class Registration

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Adventure Camp for Teens – 3 days of social interaction with peers and physical activity in nature! 23-25 October 2020.

Struggling to get your child out of the virtual world into the real one, with physical activity and full communication? Do you want your child to become more independent and self-confident? Having problems getting them to clean up after themselves and at least sometimes help around the house? Do you want to give your child an unforgettable experience and make new friends for life?

Send them to our 3-day Adventure Camp for teens 11-16 years old in the Troodos Mountains!

Youth camps are one of the best forms of socialization. Children learn to communicate with peers and adults, work in a team and be confident leaders.

We have made am amazing program including state-of-the art Paintball Games, Rock Climbing with one of the best teachers in Cyprus, who climbed the Mont Blanc himself several times, Archery, Professional Orienteering (Army Style) with compass and maps. Sleeping (in tents) and cooking outside in the forest around a campfire our teens will learn to become more independent and socially more responsible while participating in these breath-taking team building activities over a whole weekend!

Our program will help your child become more self-confident, develop endurance and willpower, learn to work in a team and understand his or her capabilities. Moreover, we teach kids how to step out of their comfort zone and to achieve results no matter the obstacles.

Wing Tsun – Chinese martial art, the most famous Kung Fu style, non-combat form of martial arts (intended exclusively for self-defense). Perfect for both men and women.

Camp Schedule

Day 1:

15.00 Departure from EWTO Headquarters (Limassol)

15.00 Food supply planning & Budgeting

15.30 Stop in Saittas. Food Supply purchase.

16.30 Arrival at Kyperounta, Adventure Park

16.30 Teams, Safety, Camp rules briefing

17.00 Camp Set up & tents

18.00 Archery & Free Shooting

19:00 Cooking dinner. Dinner.

20.00 Camp fire. Board Games

22.00 Sleeping time.

Day 2

06.30 Waking up

07.00 Breakfast and tidying camp space

08.00 Fitness in nature

08.30 Kids WingTsun & Anti-Bullying lesson

10.00 Break

10.30 Rock climbing with professional climbing Instructor

12.00 Tyrolean Traverse lesson

12.45 Hike

14.00 Cooking Lunch. Lunch.

15.15 Team Building Exercises & Board Games

17.00 Paintball strategic game

19.30 Cooking dinner. Dinner.

20.30 Clean Camp site

21.00 Camp fire. Board Games

22.00 Sleeping time.

Day 3

06.30 Waking up

07.00 Breakfast and tidying camp space

08.00 Fitness in nature

08.30 WingTsun & Anti-Bullying lesson

10.00 Break

10.30 Orienteering (Army style)

13.00 Lunch in the Camp restaurant

14.00 Paintball strategic game

18.00 Dinner the Camp restaurant & announcement of winning team

19.30 Departure to EWTO Headquarters (Limassol)

Who are we?

EWTO – The European WingTsun organization was created in Germany in 1976, by a former police officer, an outstanding martial artist, Professor Grandmaster Kate Kernspecht, who devoted his life to finding a martial art that is effective for self-defense in real life, and not in a sports ring.

Today it is the largest martial arts organization in the world, with over 60,000 students and 2,000 schools throughout Europe.

EWTO has existed in Cyprus since 2012, and today we have 5 schools: in Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos and Larnaca.

Be ready! Going beyond the comfort zone in a safe environment!

Life, in its essence, requires constant readiness to overcome difficulties. In our camp, a child trains and prepares for new adventures, learns to work in a team, understands nature and learns skills that will help them survive in any conditions, in a word, they prepare for adulthood – under the strict guidance of professional instructors. We allow the child to go beyond their comfort zone, in a simulated, safe environment where there is one experienced, qualified instructor for every 5-6 children.

The camp takes place in the Troodos Forest, on the fenced, guarded territory of the Adventure Camp park. Children are supervised by adults for 24 hours. The average air temperature in October during the day +21 and at night +11 – very comfortable for hiking and spending the night. Children sleep in comfortable, waterproof tents designed for 2-3 people.

We have been conducting field camps since 2012. All our instructors are certified by the European Organization of WingTsun (Germany), and have also passed a specialized first-aid course from the company Emergency First Response (UK)

We teach the child to follow their dreams, overcome difficulties and live boldly, regardless of the circumstances!

In our Camp children learn to communicate with peers and adults, work in a team and be confident leaders. Our program is aimed at the development and demonstration of such qualities as independence, the ability to make collective decisions, take responsibility. The development of these skills will help your child become more confident in themselves, learn how to work in a team, and better understand themselves and their abilities. The involvement of children in the WingTsun martial arts classes is aimed at developing endurance, agility, mobility, awareness and, most importantly, adequate self-defense skills. In addition to physical training, children acquire a very important skill – the ability to leave their comfort zone and achieve results, despite obstacles. And for parents, our camp is a great opportunity to devote some time for yourselves, reboot and relax without feeling guilty.

Adventure Camp for Teens, October 2019. What was it like?

What do parents say about us?

Natalya Gorbunova My kids have been learning for 1,5 year in Limassol – the team there is very nice. Kids loved it! They have also attended the Summer Camp. I can say that each kid has their own way of learning. One of my kids learnt more theory, the other one more practice. I attended the WingTsun women’s self-defence training and I loved it very much! Learnt simple practical skills that I could use in my everyday life. I would attend the Adults Program, if only I had more time. But even after one training program I felt how powerful and fast I can be. It is incredible.

Nadezda Guseva My daughter is learning WingTsun since she was three, and now she is six. I have not find a better WingTsun school in Cyprus other than EWTO. My son has been learning a lot of martial arts, so I have something to compare to. My daughter became stronger, more confident and communicative, and can defend herself. It is very important to teach kids how to position themselves and how to resolve conflicts. On the other hand, they are all very friendly and there’s always a fun atmosphere during class. So I do highly recommend Kids WingTsun. 

George Modestou The best WingTsun school in Cyprus. The professional Olich family teaching team helps kids learn to love sport and become more self-confident. Thank you very much!

How can you join our camp?

When: 23 – 25 of October 2020

Who can participate: Children 11 – 16 years

Where: Adventure Mountain Park, Kyperunta, Troodos Mountains

Leave a request to participate in the camp by filling out the form at the end of this page. The administrator of our camp will contact you during the day (Monday – Friday). If your child is not a student of one of the schools of EWTO Cyprus, before confirming registration, we will invite your child to a week of free classes in one of our schools near your place of residence.

This is necessary so that we can get to know you and your child, and of course, so that you can get to know us and get answers to all your questions.

We reserve the right not to take a child to the camp if we feel that the camp program will not bring them maximum benefit.


€ 250 all inclusive – accommodation in tents, 3 meals a day, travel from and to the EWTO school in Limassol, 3-day program, including all games, events and classes.

When registering more than one child from the same family (brothers and sisters), a 10% discount is given.

50 % Deposit required on booking latest by 10th October., 2020. Limited spaces are available.

Do you have younger children 6-11 y.o.? we have a Camp for them too. Let us know if you are interested and we will provide you with more details.

Everything that a person strives for is achieved by going beyond their comfort zone, by the desire to take risks; follow your dreams, overcoming difficulties; to love, overcoming pain; to hope, sweeping away doubts, and live boldly, despite fear. Life is an adventure and the main thing is to enjoy it, fight, dream and go forward, taking those you love with you on hikes. Give your child the experience of this unforgettable adventure, from which they will return more confident, independent and with new friends, and they, in turn, will give you the joy of their achievements and victories.

To book your space please complete the form: