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Free Class Registration

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Covid 19- Safety and Quality are most important!

26th May, 2020

Dear Parents & Children,

I have some bad, but also very good news for you, so please read this letter to the end. The 2nd part is the good news! 😉

We have been observing the situation with Covid-19 for the last few months carefully, trying to figure out when we may open our schools again and do what we love to do – to teach Kids WingTsun.

In the meantime, the lockdown was abolished a few days ago, we can move freely again, and many businesses have re-opened. However, Martial Art Schools are still not allowed to operate before earliest June 9th and then also with a strict protocol, which was not announced yet. One of many uncomfortable things would be NO AIRCONDITIONS ALLOWED… So, a lot of guessing and uncertainty still…

From the very beginning of the current pandemic, our organization valued the health aspect first, so we immediately followed the government recommendation and shut our doors to support the government’s effort in containing the spread of the virus. In order not to leave our kids without any training, SiHing Vladimir and Viktor offered 3 times a week Online Kids WingTsun classes with great success.

We have also used our time of quarantine to work behind the scenes on further improving the Kids WingTsun experience and we worked hard on ourselves as well and our immune system and came out stronger than before.

Nevertheless, considering all pluses and minuses, we came to the conclusion, that the best for all our students is not to do a Summer School this year, not to open our Kids WingTsun Classes this Summer and give HEALTH again the priority.

Also, our Kids and Teen Camps are postponed to October 2020 as we have to rely on busses and hotels in order to do them properly.

Instead, we decided,  based on our poll with you, in telephone interviews, to give you an alternative program for this Summer, as you have requested. So, here is what we prepared for you. As from June 1st,  we are offering the following:

·         Online Kids WingTsun Private Classes 45min (One Instructor & 1 student) with SiHing Vladimir (If you don’t want your child to have any contact with other people that’s ideal)

·         Online Kids WingTsun Private Classes 45min (Two Instructors & Two Kids together) This is very good for brothers & sisters, family members and close friends while staying at home

·         Private Lessons (physical) in the park, by the beach or at your house with Si Hing Vladimir or Sihing Viktor (one on one – one child one instructor, no contact with other people)

·         Small group of kids outdoors in the afternoon (not more than 10 kids as 5 pairs with every pair of kids on a 2m distance from each other)

o   Limassol-Municipal Gardens: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (morning)

o   Nicosia- Acropolis Park: Mondays & Wednesdays

o   Paphos- Municipal Park: Mondays & Fridays

o   Larnaka- Municipal Park:   Mondays & Fridays

·         Fees for This Summer Program:

o   Paid Monthly for Outdoor Group: 1 x week 50€ / 2x week 60€ / 3x week 70€

§  Per Class in a Group of up to 10 Kids = 25€ (60 minutes)

o   Private Lessons online & physical – please call to arrange

The Fully Flagged Kids WingTsun Classes as you know them, will be available back at our school premises as from 1st September, 2020.

Make sure you reserve places for:

·         the above Summer Classes as well as

·         for the Early Registration for the new School Year in September,2020.

You can reserve a place for the new School Year 2020/20201 by paying the yearly Registration & Membership fee of 79€ as from now and by doing so keep a space for your child and the same fees for next year without any increase.

We are anxiously waiting for September to open all our schools again and provide you and your kids with our best Kids WingTsun Classes.

We are looking forward to see as many of you as possible in the parks or online.

For any queries please call:

96807225 for Greek & English (SiHing Vladimir)

99237637 for Russian (SiJe Elena)

Kind regards,

Sifu Alexander Olich