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Why is Kids WingTsun so beneficial for the development of our children?

When preparing the Curriculum for children the task was to create a holistic and multifarious movement program. Eventually the WingTsun experts succeeded by introducing Kids  WingTsun.

A test compiled specially by a physiotherapist gives some indication about the stage of development of your child at the very beginning of the Kids WingTsun Training. Even children who cannot communicate well are integrated swiftly by the help of the instructor and become part of the already active children’s group.

Elements of the ancient WingTsun Movement Forms, particularly the “crisscross movements” enhance the coordination skills of the children.

Working with the form movements by themselves helps the children to better concentrate which is a benefit also for solving their tasks in school better.

The children are learning the practical applications of the learnt forms and are profiting from the positive health effects of the unique WingTsun movements.

Exercises for the sense of touch and balance help children to become more balanced in their life. With the application of particular exercises using the sense of touch children are also taught to implement the WingTsun Principle of appropriate yielding in their day to day life.

A sophisticated Circular Movement Training caters for the necessary physical exercise that the little ones need. Into this Circular Movement Training many movements have been incorporated by specialist physiotherapists that are giving indications to the Instructors about the movement level of development of each child. If necessary the Instructors can recommend to the parents appropriate specialists.

In the Circular Movement Training we have combined and connected elements of stamina, coordination, de-escalation and self-defence techniques.