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Dear friends, students and colleagues,

I am looking forward to the new year 2015 with great expectations and creative energy.

Having summarised the theoretical basis for a future-oriented WingTsun in my “Coursebook: Inner WingTsun” last year, I will above all be concentrating on teaching its practical implementation in 2015.

My Twitter followers and attentive readers of my Tweets are already familiar with the direction the EWTO is taking: in future we need to distinguish our “Inner WT” from the “wing chun”, “ving tsun” and “me-too Wing Tsun” styles as a “separate and autonomous category”. To this end we must continuously develop our WingTsun further:

1. As a means of self-defence
2. As an exercise in mindfulness
3. As an inner art
4. As whole-body movement

In order to pursue this aim as rapidly as possible, I have firmly scheduled 500 personal further development lessons with masters of inner styles (Chan/Zen, Chi-Kung) for the coming year. The purpose is not to adopt their principles or techniques, but rather to examine and compare the principles of our WingTsun with them, and make any improvements that come to light. This has always been perhaps the most important characteristics of WingTsun as we understand it in the EWTO: we are never content with what we have already achieved, and do not lapse into the comfort of traditions. We have always seen our WT as a “living” system which we adapt to the “state of the art” of our research. In the process our focus is always on the function, not the form. To emphasise how central this approach is to our “Inner WingTsun”, the motto for the 2015 International Seminar, which will be held in Hockenheim over the Whitsun weekend as in previous years, is “Form follows function”. Every year this event is one of the highlights in my WingTsun calendar, and I am greatly looking forward to it.

To conclude this New Year’s greeting, I would like to express my thanks to all those who have helped me to bring forward a style-free but principle-based WT which develops mindfulness and peaceability. By this I mean the self-assured peaceability that protects us, and also spares opponents from unnecessary harm.
I could not be more satisfied with the development of our WT, and I thank all my loyal students worldwide for their support.

Your SiFu/SiGung
Keith R. Kernspecht