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At this time of the year, it was the EWTO-Cyprus Summer Camp’s turn to take place…: in one of the westernmost sea sides of the island, in Latchi area, under the Augustan sun and sea breezes of the Cypriot longitudes and latitudes! Being during 11th-15th August – just before the full moon day and the shooting stars of August – our WingTsun training felt fully aligned with all the elements and energies of nature, ready to take us that step further….

On our arrival day we started our training in the afternoon in Akamas forest site with a warming up and an overview of all the different training types of the upcoming days in the training week: Siu Nim Tao and ChiKung form, Escrima, Energy & Inner WT and finally some drills at the end.

A carefully-designed training plan by our SiFu Alexander Olich took care of a student crowd of more than 20 students, of origin from at least 7 countries (from England, Russia and Ukraine to Morocco, Serbia, Greece and of course Cyprus), customized to each student and their corresponding student grade program – right from SG1. SiHing Vladimir and SiJe Jelena also assisted in the teaching when the training programs of more advanced and beginner students needed to separate. The drills at the end reunited the group and made the excitement, but also the energy expenditure (!), grow even higher!

Fortunately, the night sea breezes felt back at our shared villas–accommodation in the surrounding view and smells of the orange and lemon trees gave the much-desired relaxation after the day’s arrival trip and training.

Our entire second day took place on the sandy beach, in the sound of splashing waves. The program included practicing on traditional and modern EWTO programs with focus on Energy. Sand proved quite challenging at times, particularly in some balancing exercises but the feeling of nature was elevating unquestionably the experience. Sand proved also a perfect secure mat for the falls and some take-down exercises introduced in our very rich 3rd day, which included further ChiKung and Escrima practices as well as classical Wing Tsun.

SiHing Rogiros Michaelides and SG6 Andreas Pavli also assisted with the teaching on this day’s full training program. Despite the early morning start, the shade of the neighboring tall Eucalyptus trees was certainly needed towards the end of the training in order to avoid long sweats and to keep us in shape and ready for the upcoming night’s pool party hosted by our SiFu and SiMo.

A superb party time with super tasty BBQ, musical performances – piano performance by SG2 Marina Neophytou and our guest friend Panos on percussions, Karaoke singing with SiFu and SiMo, and SG10 Dionyssis Mavrommatis as well as cool party games. For sure it was a very international and multi-cultural party atmosphere under the clear starry skies of Latchi area – all moments captured by the photographic lens of our SiJe Jelena and our visiting guest student from Serbia SG1 Nevena Todorovic.

Our last two days of the Summer Camp training continued on the sandy beach with takedown training, Wing Tsun anti-ground fighting, stress drills, fight against multiple attackers and finally…exams under tough conditions: sun, sand, stress! Congratulations to all the students for their progress in Wing Tsun, Escrima and ChiKung!

We are already looking forward to our next Summer Camp in 2017! Note down the dates in your planners: Cyprus Summer Camp 2017 from 11th August 2017 – 15th August 2017 (Friday – Tuesday)!

Text: Dr. Marina Neophytou Pictures: Jelena Olich 20th August, 2016