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In the luxury edition of his latest publication, “Coursebook: Inner WingTsun”, Grandmaster Kernspecht points the way to a WingTsun to be understood as an inner style.

While this most compact of all the books published by EWTO-Verlag fits comfortably into any trouser pocket, it is also a gem for all bibliophile WingTsun followers.

Grandmaster Kernspecht has conducted research into the martial art of WingTsun over more than half a century of scientific study and daily practice. For him this has never been a matter of “art for art’s sake”, as he has always kept his eyes on the fundamental purpose behind WingTsun.

Only in this way was he able to develop WingTsun into a unique teaching method which enables anybody who follows it to rapidly and sustainably acquire the capabilities that are essential for self-defence.

Moreover, the way towards “Inner WingTsun” is far more than merely imparting the skills for efficient and effortless combat. Once instilled, the principles of WingTsun can be just as effectively used to cope with the vicissitudes of day-to-day life, or in the search for self-fulfilment.
In this Coursebook, GM Kernspecht the way towards Inner WingTsun in the most compact form to date.
According to its author, the purpose of this WT Coursebook is …

1. To explain to interested parties and newcomers

– the stages contained in the course of study
– which exercises are only necessary learning steps for a limited time
– the relative importance of what is learned
– what is actually important in the end

2. To show the old WingTsun people

– where the development of our WingTsun is heading
– how WT was understood and explained before versus now

It particularly concerns itself with the purpose and relative importance of:

– Mindfulness & consciousness
– Isolated techniques
– Non-specific movement on the 3 levels
– Solo and so-called partner forms
– ChiSao: “ReakTsun”, “Routines”

The difference between:

– Martial sports and real self-defence
– Torso and arm training
– The application of sequence-oriented techniques and function-oriented principles
– Outer and inner WingTsun
– Dead (complete) and living (still developing) WT

The bound luxury edition of the Coursebook can now be odered at EWTO Cyprus or by E-Mail to: